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I am a reader

and lover of books

A passionate reader, Anissa Stansfield discovered her love for books when she was still a kid, cultivating her tastes and sensibilities over a lifetime of reading. Some of Anissa’s earliest memories are of bookstores, where she would wander with her mother. She spent many an afternoon at B. Dalton and Waldenbooks, cruising the aisles in search of the perfect book. She has since become enthusiastic about book clubs as well, seizing opportunities to connect with others over their shared love of books. And coming from a family full of readers, she is never short on people with whom to share (and from whom to receive) fresh book suggestions. Time and again, she surprises even herself with the fun and wonder of a good book.





A daydreamer and a thinker at heart, Anissa is never shy about sharing her opinions. She seeks out honest and open conversations, and the gears in her mind are always turning, coming up with fresh takes. It is this inquisitiveness that Anissa has put at the forefront of Panthera Book Clubs. Working as an engineer by day, she views problems as opportunities to present solutions, her technical side meshing well with her creative side. She wants Panthera to represent the best of what is possible in a book club, exhibiting a thirst for learning and a fearlessness of character and personality.

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